Apple shuts down iOS 13.3 verification, do you still dare to update?

Since February, major Android mobile phone manufacturers have started to release their flagship new phones together. For our majority of fruit fans, the latest news of Apple, iOS, and iPhone is also constantly updated, so many fruit fans should continue to follow the footsteps of Mingmei to take a look!

Apple shuts down iOS 13.3 verification, do you still dare to update?

I believe that the fruit fans who have been paying attention to Mingmei Infinite should all know that generally, Apple will close the verification of the old version of the iOS system after the new iOS system of the iPhone is released for a period of time. Closing the verification means that our iPhone mobile phone cannot be downgraded to the old version of the iOS system.

The latest news shows that Apple officially closed the iOS 13.3 system verification today, and now only the official version of iOS 13.3.1 can be flashed. Once the verification of the iOS system is turned off, we will not be able to “flat brush”, downgrade, reinstall, and upgrade this version. If these operations are performed, it will undoubtedly fail, resulting in data loss.

As we all know, in order to encourage users to use the latest version of the iOS system, Apple usually closes the downgrade channel of the old version shortly after the new version is released.

As the latest version currently publicly available, iOS 13.3.1 improves support for the U1 ultra-wideband chip in the iPhone, as well as various bug fixes and experience improvements.

Apple stopped code signing for iOS 13.3 within two weeks, starting with the release of iOS 13.3.1 in late January, to protect users from malicious actors based on newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Others include fixes for minor delays when taking Deep Fusion photos on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, email bugs (involving loading remote pictures), push notifications failures, distorted CarPlay audio, and the introduction of Siri in Hindi English for HomePod Voice support.

This time, Apple’s decision to stop signing iOS 13.3 is especially noteworthy for jailbreak users. The unc0ver team revealed that they will release a jailbreak version of iOS 13.3 this week.

This means that jailbreak users on iOS 13.3.1 can now only use the latest version of iOS and cannot downgrade once the jailbreak tool is released.

Aside from the impact on jailbreakers, Apple generally wants as many users as possible to use the latest version of iOS for security reasons. Typically, this also ensures that users get the most stable experience available.

Apple shuts down iOS 13.3 verification, do you still dare to update?

Apple is also currently testing iOS 13.4, which is expected to be released in March. iOS 13.4 includes new features like iCloud drive folder sharing, new Memoji stickers, and more. You can watch our full video showing all the changes and new features in iOS 13.4 and iPadOS 13.4 here.

At present, the iOS 13 system has small problems that will not affect the use. The main ones are as follows:

There is a problem with the Display of the wallpaper option. If the enhanced contrast option is not turned on, under the wallpaper option, the dock bar of the home screen preview will be displayed in high contrast mode. After restarting the phone, it will return to normal, because we do not always turn on and off an option. , so this has no effect on the use;

After the main screen enters the editing state, dragging the icon will cause the screen to jump to the negative screen. However, since we will not edit the main screen all the time, it has no effect on our use, but this problem does exist. ;

The background performance is unstable. Taking the official version of iOS 13.3 as an example, the user reputation in the early stage of the push is still good, but more and more users have reported killing the background recently, indicating that the overall optimization of the system is not enough in terms of background retention. ideal;

The battery life is unstable. I am not satisfied with the battery life of the latest official version of iOS 13.3. Our test results also show that the battery life of this version has been greatly reduced compared to the previous version, so it is also not optimized in terms of battery life stability. Ideal, in addition to the power consumption optimization problem of daily applications, there is also the problem of system standby power consumption optimization. Many friends report that they are fully charged at night, and when they get up to use the next day, the power will drop significantly. This is for users who are not used to charging at night. It may cause a lot of trouble in use;

I’m not sure if this is a system bug. After sending a voice message, a volume control bar will appear on the user interface. Although it has no effect on use, it may still cause trouble for some users, because this also exists on many older versions of the system. , so I personally think that it may be a design problem. After sending a voice, the volume bar will pop up, mainly to inform the user of the current system or media volume.

The main problems at present are the above. In addition, there are also some comments from fruit fans on Mingmei Infinite’s official account. Mingmei Infinite also selects a few typical comments for fruit fans to see:

1: Don’t upgrade, the older the flagship is upgraded, the less smooth it is;

2: I don’t have any regrets, it’s very useful;

3: The old stubborn people who are still in 12 will never know the smoothness of opening the app in 13 seconds;

4: Is there any solution for the power failure too fast? The battery doesn’t feel as good as before.

Under normal circumstances, we should not update the system as long as there is no problem with the daily use of the existing version, because updating the system will not only burden the mobile phone itself, but also cause many uncontrollable problems, so the system is really versatile and Update, you must know that many old models rely on the old version for three years without getting stuck, and this update has also caused dissatisfaction with many fruit fans. Many fruit fans said that there is no need to update, and some said that they didn’t want to update if they didn’t have a car. Some users even expressed that when the Android phone is about to release the flagship phone in the first half of the year, the system version upgrade of the latest iPhone will start to decrease in frequency, and the update will not be worth the loss.

In addition, Mingmei Infinite will also summarize the improvement trajectory of each generation of iPhone by the way today:

2007: The first iPhone is born

2008: Support App Store application store, 3G network support

2009: Personal hotspot and video recording function

2010: Retina display

2011: Siri and iCloud

2012: 4-inch display and LTE 4G network support

2013: Touch ID fingerprint recognition device

2014: 4.7 and 5.5-inch screens

2015: 3D Touch, Live Photos, and 4K video capture

2016: Waterproof, dual lens, no headphone jack

2017: The home button is abolished, and Face ID facial recognition replaces fingerprints

2018: 5.8 and 6.5-inch displays

2019: Triple camera and night mode

In the end, what Mingmei wants to say is that every time Apple releases the latest iOS system or closes the old system, many fruit fans will jump out to complain or sigh. However, many netizens said that after upgrading the official version of iOS 13.3.1, the mobile phone had problems such as faster power consumption, time-lapse photography could not be saved, and flashback was serious, but this time Apple stopped iOS 13. .3 Verification, even if there is a bug, it cannot be reverted. What is your iOS version? What do you think about the problem of iOS being unable to downgrade?

In this regard, if you have anything else to say about Apple’s closure of iOS 13.3 verification, please leave a message in the comment area and let Mingmei participate in the discussion together!

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