Digi-Key Launches “Revolutionizing Automation” Video Series Exploring Cutting-Edge Automation and Control Technologies

[Introduction]Digi-Key has launched a new video series “Revolutionizing Automation” exploring cutting-edge automation and control technology. Powered by Omron and Siemens, this four-episode video series highlights how Digi-Key processes more than 5.3 million orders per year through an efficient supply chain that collaborates with many of the world’s leading suppliers Transform automation and control solutions including sensors, motors and controllers, robotics, connectors, power supplies, RFID and more.

Digi-Key Launches “Revolutionizing Automation” Video Series Exploring Cutting-Edge Automation and Control Technologies

Digi-Key is releasing a four-part video series titled Revolutionizing Automation with Omron and Siemens.

Eric Wendt, Director of Automation at Digi-Key, said: “Automation and control components are not only products in Digi-Key’s broad portfolio, they are the products we use every day to ensure fast, safe and efficient order fulfillment. Automation and control are A fast-growing market is critical to ensuring that global supply chains run smoothly through the ups and downs, so we are excited to share more about Digi-Key’s use of this technology in this video series.”

The first video in the video series, Totally Integrated Automation, is now live on the Digi-Key website. Based on interviews with Siemens leadership, this episode explores the various building blocks for Totally Integrated Automation, which are now available to Digi-Key customers.

In the second episode, Robots and Machinery, we show how Digi-Key leverages robotics from Omron and others to automate Digi-Key’s entire warehouse tasks. The episode is expected to be released in early April.

In late April, our third episode, Inventory Management and Sorting, visits Digi-Key’s new distribution center, which manages the industry’s largest in-stock electronics inventory, and highlights how Siemens products are helping automate the operation of this new facility of.

The fourth and final video in the series, titled “Efficiency and Worker Safety,” will launch in May and will focus on the many ways in which Omron’s automation solutions are used to simplify everyday tasks to keep workers safe.

Mark Binder, Director of Channels at Omron, noted: “The topic of automation has a long and storied history of enabling factories to increase productivity, increase flexibility and reduce work responsibilities. As innovation continues to drive manufacturers to automate more processes, finding a The right partner is essential to provide integrated, intelligent and interactive solutions. As a leader in automation technology, with solutions covering the entire production process, Omron is consistently committed to helping system integrators and machine builders cope with the constant changing needs while ensuring operational excellence.”

Kurt Covine, Director of Partner Sales at Siemens Digital Industries, said: “The future of this industry is here. Automation goes hand in hand with the digitization of production. Digitization can give businesses powerful competitive advantages such as greater flexibility, minimal downtime and improved productivity. High quality. Our resources are limited, and we need to do more with less. Partnering with Digi-Key gives our customers access to Siemens’ latest automation solutions to meet this challenge and realize the promise of digitalization.”

To watch this video series and learn how Digi-Key is revolutionizing the future of automation and control, visit the Digi-Key website.

About Omron

Omron Automation is a global leader in automation technology. We have the world’s most comprehensive product portfolio covering sensing, control, safety, vision, motion, robotics and services. We are passionate about innovation, have a soft spot for automation, and strive to create an environment where people and machines live in harmony. Our focus is on developing next-generation technologies to provide integrated solutions that optimize machines, production lines and businesses – making manufacturing safer and more efficient. With more than 30,000 employees in more than 120 countries, wherever your needs are, we provide you with local professional service and support around the world. With our proof-of-concept centers around the world, we have earned our customers the confidence that our solutions will work for the future they are building, and give them the freedom to start now and do what they do best – building world-class products .

About Siemens

Siemens Corporation is the US subsidiary of global technology giant Siemens AG, which has distinguished itself in the industry for more than 170 years with engineering excellence, relentless pursuit of innovation, quality, reliability and broad international reach. The company operates globally, focusing on intelligent infrastructure for buildings and distributed energy systems, as well as automation and digitalization for process and manufacturing. Siemens is committed to promoting the convergence of the digital world and the physical world to achieve inclusive benefits for customers and society as a whole.

About Digi-Key Electronics

Digi-Key Electronics is a global full-service authorized distributor of Electronic components, headquartered in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, USA, and distributes more than 10.2 million products from more than 2,200 premium brand manufacturers. Digi-Key also offers a wide variety of online resources such as EDA and design tools, datasheets, reference designs, instructional articles and videos, multimedia libraries, and more. 24/7 technical support via email, phone and live chat. For additional information or access to the world’s most extensive technology innovation resources, please visit www.digikey.cn and follow our WeChat, Weibo, Tencent Video and BiliBili accounts.

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