Huawei launches a non-contact smart elevator solution to effectively control the spread of bacteria


To this end, in order to win the lung demon sniper battle without hesitation, Huawei officially announced that Huawei Cloud and Wanglong have developed a contactless smart elevator solution. And promised to provide standard software services for contactless smart elevator solutions for free from now until June 30, 2020.

According to the official introduction of HUAWEI CLOUD, the contactless smart elevator solution launched by HUAWEI CLOUD IoT and Wanglong Smart can call elevators through mobile APP, WeChat applet, mobile phone Bluetooth, etc. When the user enters and calls to the floor, the target floor will be automatically illuminated immediately, allowing users to achieve zero-touch elevator buttons.

The application also launched the elevator sensorless peer solution. Through the Internet of Things platform, access control, access gates, visitor machines and other equipment are integrated into the application management, which can realize the linkage and integration of multiple systems and the elevator system. Through the use of face recognition, mobile phone Bluetooth, QR code and other technologies, the user’s identity can be quickly identified, and the nearest elevator can be dispatched for the user to use.

The contactless smart elevator solution launched by HUAWEI CLOUD and Wanglong Intelligence not only enables users to wait for the elevator to arrive at the floor, without contacting the elevator throughout the process, effectively avoiding the spread of viruses, but also effectively improving the elevator’s safety. Use efficiency.

In short, since the start of the national anti-epidemic sniper war, Huawei has been fighting the epidemic in China, full of love and dedication, and full of AI support.

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