Tencent Games: Related game products have resumed on the Huawei Game Center

Sina Technology News on the evening of January 1, in response to “Huawei removed Tencent games from the Huawei platform”, Tencent Games announced that after friendly consultations between the two parties, Tencent game-related products have resumed on the Huawei Game Center.

Earlier today, the Huawei Game Center community issued an announcement that Tencent Games unilaterally made major changes to the cooperation between the two parties at 17:57 on December 31, 2020, resulting in major obstacles to the continued cooperation between the two parties. In our assessment, we had to suspend relevant cooperation in accordance with Tencent’s unilateral request and remove Tencent games from the Huawei platform.

After that, Tencent games were completely removed from the shelves for Huawei. Tencent Games responded that it was removed from the shelves due to the failure of the two parties to renew the contract as scheduled, and is currently actively communicating for an early recovery.

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